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Side Saddles


Side Saddles

Police and military operatives often need a range of accessories that help them in keeping additional supply of ammunition at hand for times when they are faced with the enemy. Even security guards and first responder squad members have similar needs and you can find such accessories useful if you are a hunter or sports shooter as well. Hit the market looking for such tactical gear and you will come across a wide variety of options but the best of the lot would be side saddles. These are the shell carriers that will allow you to carry shotshells attached to your weapon and come with features that enable you to quickly load your weapon and fire your shots when in a combat. Almost all the top brands manufacture these nifty little accessories and you are sure to find something that best fits your weapon and serves the need better than anything else. It’s always handy to carry some extra shotshells with you all the time.

Side saddles are handy ammunition carriers for your weapon that allow you to keep a few extra shots handy at all times. You can find options that allow you to retain shotshells in “base down” or “base up” position for matching the loading style of the shooter. Such accessories tend to have quite widespread usage and you can find products that are meant for everyone from sports shooters to military personnel. The specification may vary from one product or brand to another and, therefore, it is really important that you pick something which fulfills your specific requirements and is compatible with your weapon. Try to go with something that comes from a reliable brand and meets the highest standards of quality. It will help avoid any kind of hassles along the way.

If you have already started your search for the best side saddles, here we bring you top quality tactical gear from world’s top brands. LA Police Gear is your one stop shop for these ammunition accessories and a wide range of tactical equipment that serves a wide variety of purposes. The side saddles we have in store come from the popular tactical brand GG&G and meet the highest quality standards. These products are not just sturdy but also versatile to work with a variety of firearms and serve specific needs of shooters of all types.

Looking for the best side saddles around? Why don’t you get your hands at this GG&G Mossberg 500/590 Side Saddle Shell Holder which is rated highly by our customers for its high-quality build and versatile features. The unique design allows you to quickly access your ammunition as it attaches at an angle matching your dominant hand. It is compatible with short tactical length forearms. Installation is pretty easy and you won’t have any problems using it either. What’s even better is that you won’t have to do any modifications to your weapon for installing this item.

For more side saddles and other tactical gear, keep exploring our products catalogue. You’ll find an entire range of high-quality products.