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Shooting Accessories


Any day at the shooting range is a nice day. But they're even nicer when you have the right equipment and accessories. The founders and staff of LA Police Gear have spent a lot of time at the range, and we've learned what will make the experience better. Our inventory of tactical shooting gear has been proven to provide the best protection, storage and performance for nailing your target. Top Brands like Magpul, Glock Magazines, Sig Sauer Magazines, targets, range bags, cleaning gear, Blackhawk, Birchwood Casey, Trijicon, EOTech, Aimpoint, Vortex Optics are always in stock. 

Safety always comes first at the range. We help you shield your ears and face with proper tactical protective equipment. Foam ear plugs offer basic protection from loud blasts. Banded earplugs are solid for intermittent use and are less likely to get dirty between uses. For frequent range visitors, operator earmuffs are the way to go. The most advanced models block out impulse sounds while amplifying voices and vehicles. Don't forget about your eyes either. Tactical sunglasses, shooting glasses and range goggles are some of the ways to prevent blast residue and debris from getting in your eyeballs.

Take care of your firearm as well with the right shooting accessories. We carry an assortment of snap caps for practicing dry firing or releasing spring tension in storage. Get sight-in kits for honing accuracy, gun rests for long sessions and weather meters for assessing environmental factors. A good range bag and ammo can will hold all your gear for getting to and from the range. And yes, we have oodles of shooting targets and clay pigeons to fire at - including zombie targets to practice for the impending apocalypse.

By shopping at LA Police Gear, you'll nail your first shot before you even get to the range. We have the best prices on shooting gear and accessories from the world's leading tactical brands. And with a five-star customer satisfaction rating on, we're confident you'll like what you find. We're open 24/7 online with fast shipping around the globe!