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Your outfit is never complete without a perfect pair of shoes. Whether it is something for your formal appearance or you want a pair that would fulfill your needs in the casual settings, the right pair of shoes will give you the comfort you need under your feet. Especially, when it comes to security guards, military, police and first responder teams, the importance of the right pair of shoes can’t be stressed more. These men have the most challenging jobs in the world and they need the right kind of tactical gear to fulfill their duties. They have to navigate through rough terrains, muddy and hilly areas, and even the asphalt tracks. So, they always need something sturdy and durable that would last the routine wear rather easily. 

You can find all types of shoes to complement your daily routine and fulfill your specific requirements. There are dress/uniform shoes, hiking shoes, athletic shoes, and sandals. And, they can all make great part of your tactical gear. Obviously, in different situations, you need a different pair that would make your job easier and would give you the comfort you need even when you have to spend your entire day standing tall and fighting all the challenges in front you. 

We, at LA Police Gear, store all the top brands of shoes and all the popular varieties at the same time to meet high demand of our esteemed customers. Here you can find products from world’s best tactical gear manufacturers like LA Police Gear, 5.11 tactical, Thorogood, Under Armour, Reebok Tactical Boots, Bates Boots, Rocky Boots, LALO Tactical, Merrell Tactical Boots, Salomon Tactical Boots, Altama Boots, and Rockport among various others. So, have you ever wanted to own the best tactical shoes from any of these top brands? The opportunity awaits you right here. 

For now, let’s have a look at our best seller – the 5.11 Tactical CCW Field OPS Slip On Boot. This slip on shoe is not just affordable but also comes equipped with a range of features. It really makes a perfect choice for office, casual wear, and covert. You get high performance and superior comfort with this beautiful pair. Its 5.11 RECON footbed is tailor made to offer all the agility and stability you need in a variety of applications. Its ortholite insole, high-density collar, climbing lugs, full-rubber tactical outsole, and other similar features make it worth having on your tactical gear

So, if you want more like this in your tactical gear from other top brands including Georgia Boot, Danner Boots, Corcoran Boots, Blackhawk, Oakley, HAIX, Original S.W.A.T, Rothco, Timberland, and Ridge Outdoors, it’s time that you start exploring our product catalogue. Here we have listed some of the top products that have received the highest ratings from our valued customers. Do have a look!