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Optic Accessories


Optic Accessories

Optics and Sights make an essential part of your tactical gear. Whether you serve in military, police, security guards or first responder teams, you often have a few with you all the time. Different types of sights work with different types of weapons and if your job requires you to use multiple sights for a variety of situations you might face, it is necessary to carry them with you. These optics and sights are not just for the military and police, but if you are a hunter and often go hunting then you’ll find them useful in your regular routine too. So, whatever the case, it is really important that you pick the right ones for your needs and also make sure that you have the right optic accessories to carry them with you all the time as well. In fact, it’s not just about carrying your optics with you in a tactical situation, but you can find a variety of other useful optic accessories for your gear as well. From scope mounts and mount plates to magnifiers and flip mounts, you will find all sorts of useful optic accessories online and in the market. It’s just the matter of choosing the right ones for your needs.

Optic accessories refer to anything that can assist you with the use of your sights and optics when you find yourself in a tactical situation. They not only help you in properly mounting your sights onto the weapon but you can also find optic accessories that can help you with magnifying your target and locking it with pinpoint accuracy. After all, they are all meant to make your sights work the best to assist you with your combat missions and acquire your targets and take them down. You just need to figure out what optic accessories you need the most and which of them are going to help you in a certain situation.

All popular brands manufacture optic accessories and if you make the right pick, you can expect great results. To help you make a reliable choice, here we have brought to you the widest collection of accessories that can be used with your optics and sights. We store products from top brands including Vortex Optics, Trijicon, Aimpoint, GG&G, Magpul, Strike Industries, Blackhawk, Condor Tactical, EOTech, High Speed Gear, Tactical Tailor, Uncle Mike’s and Warne Scope Mounts. No matter which brand you buy, you can expect the highest quality products for your tactical gear.

The AimPoint 3xMAG-1 Magnifier With 39mm Flipmount and Twistmount Base is one of our best selling products and a great choice to start with when shopping for your optic accessories. You can use it with all the Aimpoint sights and it can assist you with all your long-range observation and aiming needs. With its -3 to +3 dioptric setting, it can be adjusted to the eye of every individual operator. Overall, it’s a perfect buy for your specific tactical needs.

Start searching through our wide range of optic accessories and buy something worthy of your tactical gear.