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North American Rescue

You know we’ve got tactical gear. But did you know we have tactical supplies for first aid, too? Get whatever you need to keep yourself or others safe and healthy with our range of North American Rescue medical supplies. We only stock top brands like NAR at LA Police Gear.


First Aid Supplies With Industry-Leading Quality

If you’re out in the field watching your partner’s back or out in the woods trying to keep yourself alive, there are North American Rescue medicalsupplies for every scenario. When the worst happens, you can get a handle on the situation with Combat Application Tourniquet. And make sure your life-saving gear is never out of reach with a Tourniquet Holder.

And if you need the full range of medical supplies, check out the Tactical Operator Response Kit or the Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit. The world is a dangerous and uncertain place. Make sure you and the people you protect can get the proper care they need no matter what happens.

A Passion for Tactical Gear

When it comes to the safety of you and others, you never want to skimp on quality. But when you’re on a police officer, servicemember, or public servant’s salary, you can’t always afford overly expensive gear. Does that mean you have to settle for either getting low grade equipment or taking out a second mortgage just to stay alive?

Not if you go with LA Police Gear. We were founded by former law enforcement officers, so we understand the need for getting high-quality gear on a reasonable budget. It’s been our mission to bring the best tactical gear to the public at the best possible price. Buy from our in-house line of products or one of our top brands to get exceptional quality at an amazing price.