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Magazine Accessories


Magazine Accessories

You need to carry with you all the necessary tactical gear when you are doing your duties in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams. There is an entire range of equipment and accessories that would come in handy for a variety of different purposes. When you have them with you, your job becomes a whole lot easier and you can perform at your best no matter what type of tactical situation you are faced with. As far as your ammo is concerned, you need to have enough of it and must carry multiple magazines with you to make sure that you never run out of bullets at any time. And, for carrying multiple magazines, you need magazine accessories like pouches and other such stuff. You can also find accessories like round limiters, dust covers, magazine extensions, etc. to fulfill a variety of other purposes.

Magazine accessories can include a range of add-ons that will make carrying easier and can also otherwise alter the use of your gun magazines. There is a wide variety of accessories available online and you can find everything from magazine pouches, ranger plates, and grip extensions, to round limiters, vertical pouches, magazine extension tubes, and much more. Obviously, all these accessories have a different purpose to serve and you can have most of them as part of your tactical gear to ensure that you make the most of your stuff. Invest in these accessories and ensure that you make the most of your weapons whether you are in the battlefield or the shooting range. 

Today, all the popular tactical gear manufacturers have their range of magazine accessories available in the market and you can buy from them to ensure you are getting the best quality products. Now that you are here at LAPG, you can explore our catalogue to find quality products from the top brands in the industry including Pearce Grip, Glock, Magpul, Taran Tactical Innovations, GG&G, Sentry Hexmag, Strike Industries, Blackhawk, Condor Tactical, Maxpedition, 5ive Star Gear, Benelli, CZ-USA, ITW Military Products, Lancer, and TUFF Products. These are all the leading brands in the market when it comes to tactical gear and are known to be the symbol of trust and quality. We have all the best quality magazine accessories in store from these top names and you can find just about everything here for your discerning needs. 

The Maxpedition Hook & Loop Modular 3 MAG Holder 3502 is among our best-selling products and is worth a look. It makes a perfect choice to hold your magazine clips, flashlights, and multi-tools and should be on your tactical gear. It is made with PU-coated tough 800-denier nylon fabric to reduce weight. The Teflon fabric protector helps with easy maintenance and grime resistance. It is also made water-resistant with triple polyurethane coating. Overall, it’s a wonderful product to have on your tactical gear and serves the purpose quite effectively. 

Start looking through our range of magazine accessories now and find yourself the best products around. You can surely and verily trust the quality of every single product on the list.