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Ka-Bar Knives

KA Bar knives are high-quality, durable weapons you can trust when you’re working in the field. Trusted by law enforcement for years, KA Bar tactical provides police officers, first responders, hunters, and more with all-purpose utility knives to be used in a variety of situations. KA Bar knives have been manufactured and sold since 1898, and we’re proud to sell their unique, thoughtful products.


Everyday Use

A utility knife is a must-have for a variety of professions and lifestyles. Whether you’re on the trail or in the field, KA-Bar knives can be the difference between a successful mission or a disastrous trip. LA Police Gear is committed to providing our customers with the best equipment, and KA Bar Tactical is one of our top brands for utility knives.

Our most popular seller is the TDI Law Enforcement Knife. Designed by a 33-year veteran Police Lieutenant, The TDI Knife was designed with a low-profile fixed blade for law enforcement, military, and security personnel that could be drawn quickly and efficiently in times of duress.

Explore More from LAPG!

LA Police Gear offers a complete inventory of tactical clothing, gear, and accessories. Our products are made by cops for cops, so you can trust that every item we sell will perform when you need it to. From knives to novelty gear, you’ll find what you need at our intuitive and easy-to-navigate online store.

Shop the best brands like Oakley, Elbeco, KA-Bar Tactical, and so much more! We even offer our own LA Police Gear products that are rigorously tested by professionals. Shop LA Police Gear to get affordable prices on the equipment you need. We believe that being safe shouldn’t break the bank, so explore all we have to offer today!