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Police Handcuffs

One of the most iconic pieces of cop’s equipment are their handcuffs. Cop handcuffs keep officers, suspects, and the public safe, and they come in several forms — double-steel handcuffs, zip ties, hobbles, leg irons, and more.


Quality Handcuffs, No Matter the Type

LA Police Gear carries a huge selection of handcuffs from all the top brands and types, such as chain, hinge, nickel finish, and double-locking handcuffs. Each police officer has their own preferences, and many times, police departments have policies on which cuffs officers can carry.

Hinge police handcuffs are usually the most secure. They reduce how much a suspect can move. But some suspects are too big to use one set of hinge cuffs on, so you need chain cuffs or to link two sets together.

Accessories for Your Handcuffs

We also carry a variety of handcuff accessories like handcuff keys. Most keys that come with handcuffs are too small to use efficiently and are easy to lose. With multiple handcuff keys, you always have one when you need it. We carry different types of keys, so there’s something that fits every officer’s needs.

Find Your Cop Handcuffs from LAPG

No matter what kind of restraints or handcuffs you need, we have you covered. Keep yourself and the public safe when you stock up on our high-quality cuffs.

Whether you prefer heavy-duty or lighter and stronger cuffs like the ASP Steel Chain Ultra Handcuff, or perhaps the traditional Peerless Chain Link handcuff, find it all with LAPG’s tough-to-beat prices.

By Cops, For Cops

We were founded by cops for cops back in 2001 to help LA’s finest get the gear they need without emptying their wallets. Our police handcuffs are no exception. We’re dedicated to helping our police and military stay as safe as possible while on the job.

Shop our extensive collection of handcuffs and accessories to prepare for your next shift today.

Have questions? Experience our industry-leading customer service for yourself.