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Tactical Shoes & Footwear

At LA Police Gear, we offer tactical footwear that are affordable and high-quality. Give your feet the support they need on the field with our boots and police shoes. Enjoy industry-leading customer service while wearing top tactical brands today.

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High-Quality Tactical Shoes

Our boots and police shoes offer you ankle and toe support — which, when you’re spending long hours in urban and wild environments, is exactly what you need. This is the footwear for law enforcement, military, security, EMTs, and anybody else who knows the value of tactical gear.

No matter what the job is, our lightweight and breathable shoes offer you comfort and support.

About Us

LA Police Gear was founded by cops, for cops. Our founders have first-hand experience working long hours in tough environments. 

Our company is passionate about providing tactical shoes, gear, and more to the people who need the equipment we needed when we were on the field. 

Our mission is to provide industry professionals, outdoor sportsmen, and more with high-quality tactical gear at affordable and tough-to-beat prices.  

Functional Shoe Accessories 

Your body is your most valuable piece of equipment. That’s why it’s important to get gear that takes care of it. When you order your shoes, get over the calf socks with them to keep your feet padded and protected. Get additional comfort and support with our spacer insoles.

With our functional shoe accessories, you’ll be making the most out of your footwear. Enjoy comfort, functionality, and affordability today.

LAPG Boots Maintenance and Care

Ensure your footwear lasts long and remains in tip-top condition by maintaining them with:

Just like with all your other gear, your footwear requires maintenance. Give your shoes proper attention with the maintenance and care they need.