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First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are a critical part of every mission, field operation, emergency response, and so much more. Tactical medical kits are used by firefighters, cops, military personnel, and many more to keep civilians and other crew members safe and protected. So, when you need to restock or build a completely new kit, trust LA Police Gear to have the supplies you need to potentially save lives.


Stay Safe & Prepared

Injuries can happen anywhere at any time, and we know how important it is to have a tactical medical kit that’s stocked with life-saving supplies like tourniquets, gauze, bleeding control, and more. Our collection of first aid supplies includes everything you need to feel prepared wherever you go. We want to equip our customers with the tools to handle any unexpected event. From a full duty kit for the whole crew to just one for the house, LA Police Gear has what you need to keep your tactical first aid kits fully stocked.

We go out of our way to ensure that only the highest quality products are sold on our site. You should never worry about faulty equipment, especially when it comes to your first aid supplies.

Explore More From LAPG

We offer a variety of products in our inventory. Whether you need a new uniform or want some hunting gear, we have curated a diverse collection that has everything you need from first aid supplies to gun holsters. LAPG has something for everyone. We offer gifts for outdoorsmen, tactical vests, military boots, and so much more. We’re making it easy for customers everywhere to keep their gear up to date at affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

Shop all we have to offer at LA Police gear and keep your tactical first aid kit stocked with life-saving and injury preventing tools that will keep you and your team safe and protected. Shop now and subscribe to our newsletter today!