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Clothing Accessories


Clothing Accessories

Security guards, military, police, and first responder teams, all need to be equipped with the right kind of tactical gear in order to perform at their best in their respective jobs. All these are the demanding jobs and without right kind of clothing accessories and tactical gear, it is almost impossible for you to ace your performance. With appropriate gear, your job won’t just become easier but you will also feel comfortable performing your duties. There is all sorts of stuff available from eyewear to headwear and tactical gloves, and all you need to do is to make sure that you pick the best from the top brands around the world. 

Clothing accessories can include anything that can make your job easier and extends the special features of your tactical clothing. Be it for added comfort or to make sure that you perform the best when on job, these accessories are always meant to make your life easier. Obviously, military and police jobs are quite demanding and you have to sweat all day long navigating through those rough terrains and a range of demanding situations. You can even take advantage of your clothing accessories like caps and tactical gloves as you go on adventurous hikes and camping trips in not so favorable areas. Whatever the case, just make sure that you buy the best products from the top brands and enjoy all the great benefits on offer. 

At LA Police Gear, we bring you the best clothing accessories from brands like 5.11 tactical, Oakley, Casio Watches, Mechanix Wear, Bolle Eyewear, Damascus Gear, Smith & Wesson, Condor Tactical, QALO, Boston Leather, Hatch and Spy Optics. All these are the top manufacturers in the world and they have the best clothing accessories on offer. For some high-quality stuff, all you need to do is to start navigating through their products we have featured in our catalogue. They are all worthy of your tactical gear and you must give a try to, at least, a few of them. 

From our special clothing accessories, we have this Blackhawk Aviator Flight ops Gloves with Nomex made with special soft leather to perform at its best in a variety of different situations. It gives you flame and flash protection up to a maximum of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with and elastic wrist to ensure perfectly secure fit while the leather palms give you some additional grip to make handling better for you as you perform your job on a challenging day. Its sleek design makes it even more desirable and you would so want it in your tactical gear.

Our amazing product catalogue features tons of wonderful products that will make your tactical gear look more professional allowing you to make your job even easier. Let’s have a look at some of our top clothing accessories.