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Cameras & Accessories



Your tactical missions can’t be complete without proper surveillance and high-quality tactical cameras that can be used for a range of different reasons. Whether it is about recording videos of the crime scene, taking pictures of the evidence, or just about surveillance at the night time to keep your eyes on the approaching enemies and staying alert of the danger, cameras can really play a major part in any tactical gear. You can even find options that can help you record everything on your secret missions and capture important videos to be used for your missions. You need them to perform your duties efficiently as first responder, security guards, military and police officers. Fortunately, from security cameras to wristlights, there is a range of options available and you can pick a few according to your specific needs. Buying from the top brands in the industry will help you to ensure that your products do not malfunction anytime soon and serve you efficiently in the long run.

Modern day tactical cameras have been designed with a variety of cool features that are all meant to make your life easier when you are on a mission. They can be concealed easily, provide high quality videos and images, and can perform at their best for longer periods with a single charge. They offer the versatility you need to use them on your camping trips and other adventurous endeavors too. It is just the matter of picking the right cameras according to your specific requirements. And, with huge variety available on the market, it is never going to be a problem either.

To make things simple when it comes choosing the right cameras for your tactical gear, we bring you all the top brands in a single place. With best products from the top manufacturers in the industry at your disposal, you just need to have a look at the features and decide on an appropriate product for your specific needs. Here at LAPG, we bring you cameras and accessories from top names like Bushnell, Earphone Connection, MUVI, and Surefire Flashlights. They are all known for manufacturing high-quality tactical gear and their cameras are no exception.

If you want to capture videos handsfree, you must consider this highly-rated MUVI K-Series K2 camera that we have in store for you. With its enhanced chipset, it allows you to take movie recording to the next level. With this little tactical tool, you can capture 1080p videos at 60FPS. Want something even better? It comes ready to be used in a variety of watersports to capture your enthralling moments. The waterproof case allows it to operate efficiently at 100m depth. Being the smallest HD MUVI camera available, the K-series makes handsfree video recording a breeze. It offers settings perfect for capturing broadcast quality videos as well. What else would you want from this little piece of engineering brilliance?

Cameras are important part of any tactical gear for a variety of different reasons. Check out our products catalogue and see what’s in store for you.