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Bore Mops and Cleaning Patches


Bore Mops And Patches

Keeping your weapon clean and well taken care of is really important to make sure it continues to work without any issues and its lifespan is increased as well. There are a variety of gun care products available these days for those in military, police, security guards, and first responder teams to take care of their weapon and keep it functional at all times. Proper cleaning and upkeep of your gun is important to make sure that your weapon doesn’t malfunction at the eleventh hour. So, what type of cleaning supplies and gun care products should you have as part of your tactical gear? Well, there is a variety of them and bore mops and patches make an essential item. Whether you want to polish and dry your weapon’s bore or you are interested in applying oils and cleaners to your weapon’s bore, the mops and patches are what you need.

The bore mops and patches make an essential gun care item for the law enforcement professionals and they allow for bore lubrication and quick cleaning of the weapon. Mops do an excellent job when you use oil to lubricate the bore of your weapon as they create a unique foaming action which helps with the process of lubrication. Mops have the exact same diameter as your gun and you can simply apply the cleaner to your bore mop before moving it back and forth so that the bore soaks it completely. They usually produce great results because they have lots of gun cleaner applied to them. Make a careful selection of the product though because there are a variety of them available on the market and you should be spot on with your choice. Buy from the top brands around and there will be no hassle whatsoever.

To make things even easier for you, here at LA Police Gear we have the best products available from the top brands and you should buy from us with full confidence. We bring you the best quality bore mops and patches from the renowned names in the industry like Southern Bloomer, Hoppe’s 9, 5ive Star Gear, Break-Free, Flitz, and Gunslick Pro. All these brands have a history of manufacturing the best gun care products and can be trusted with the quality too. All the products we have in store from these top brands have been rated highly by our customers and you should definitely give them a try.

Check out our best-selling 5ive Star Gear G.I. 223 CAL Gun Cleaning Patches that are knit cotton and don’t produce any lint. They don’t leave any thread behind either. Nothing beats the cleaning quality they produce as they quickly absorb all foreign residues that may exist in your gun bore. These pre-cut 1.25” squares are just perfect for any gun cleaning job.

So, whether you are in police, military or any other law enforcement, our bore mops and patches are worth checking out. Buy them for your tactical gear and get great results.